Program Overview

The PAH Initiative and United Therapeutics are excited to bring you the PAH Today National Broadcast Series of virtual events intended for adult patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) and their caregivers.

Advancements in the care and treatment of PAH are improving the lives of those impacted by this life-threatening disease. The National Broadcast Series includes insights and perspectives on today’s approaches to managing PAH from nationally recognized PAH healthcare providers. Join patients and caregivers across the nation to hear current considerations in the care of PAH.


Functional Class: One Piece of the PAH Puzzle

August 14, 2021



With all of the recent advances in PAH care, it is important to stay informed to make sure you’re doing all you can to feel the best that you can. Functional Class is an assessment of the PAH symptoms you experience when doing everyday activities. Your healthcare provider uses this and other assessments to predict your 5-year survival and help determine your treatment plan. Join us for the first of 3 PAH Today broadcasts to hear PAH experts explain the important role you play in determining your Functional Class.


Choosing a Healthier PAH Lifestyle

September 25, 2021


When you are living with PAH, it’s important to know how daily lifestyle choices can affect your health. In this presentation of PAH Today, we’ll be discussing the science behind the lifestyle recommendations you’ve heard from your healthcare provider. PAH experts will discuss how nutrition, exercise, and other lifestyle elements impact your body and your disease so you can take steps to positively impact your overall health.


Echo: Getting to the Heart of the Matter

October 9, 2021

With PAH, changes in your heart are happening before you notice changes in your symptoms. But now, with new and more widespread uses of noninvasive assessments, it’s possible to find these changes in your heart earlier, giving your healthcare provider a better picture of your PAH disease status. This means that you and your healthcare provider may be able to take action before your symptoms get worse. Join us for the final installment of 3 PAH Today broadcasts to learn all about new ways PAH experts are monitoring your heart with the noninvasive Echo.